Fantasy Football Rules

Below is an overview of the fantasy football/soccer rules for the 2014-15 Season. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions ("Terms"), and Privacy Policy for more complete details on the rules that govern the Games and the use of ("Site").

The Standard and Draft Games are based on the real-world performance of football (soccer) Players participting in the 2014-15 Season. In both games you will be asked to use your knowledge of football to skillfully manage the Team you have created. You can play either game or even both for FREE. You can also create as many teams and join as many mini-leagues as you wish for free. You can make 20 Player transfers for free. These Player transfers are for all of your teams combined. If you are over 18 years old, you can buy additional Player transfers.

The Standard Game allows you to create your own unique Team by selecting 14 Players from the actual football Players participating in one or all of the 5 European Leagues that are part of the game. Your selected Players will earn you points through their real-world performance during matches. You will compete against all the other Standard Game Participants and can even create or join Mini-Leagues to compete against your friends.

The Draft Game allows you to compete against your friends by creating a Team that has all unique Players. Your friends and you will not have any Players in common. Your selected players earn your team points through their real-world performance in their club matches.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions ("Terms"), and Privacy Policy for more complete details on the rules that govern the Games and the use of ("Site").

Points are awarded to individual players on your Team for the following accomplishments in each match, but only for matches in which the Player is in your starting lineup and plays in the match.

Accomplishment Points
Goal (GS): Points are not deducted or awarded for own goals. +4 per Goal
Hat-Trick: Player scores 3 goals in one match. +2 per Hat-Trick
Assist (A): Player passes the ball directly to the player that scores the goal. +2 per Assist
Clean Sheet (CS): No goals are allowed by the player’s club in a match.  
     Goalkeeper +7 per Match
     Defender +5 per Match
     Midfielder +2 per Match
     Striker +0 per Match
Player misses a Penalty-Kick: -2 per Miss
Goalkeeper Allows More Than One Goal in a Match: -2 per Goal
Defender’s Club Allows More Than One Goal in a Match: -1 per Goal
Yellow Card (YC): Player receives a disciplinary action in the match. -1 per Yellow Card
Red Card (RC): Player is sent off from the match. Player will lose 20 points if he receives both yellow and red cards in the same match. -2 per Red Card

Before playing either the Standard game or the Draft game for the first time, you must register. To do so, simply click the Register button on the left side of the screen (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Register by clicking on the Register to Play button on the left of the screen.

Next, you will be asked to enter some basic information and agree to the Terms and Conditions that govern the Games and the Site (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Register as a Participant.

Once you have registered, you will be taken to the Choose Your Game page (Figure 3).

To join the Standard Game, please select the Standard Game from the Choose Your Game page (Figure 3). You will be taken to this page after registering for the first time. If you already have a team and want to add another Standard team, select Add Team from the Game drop down on your My Team page. You will also be taken to the Choose Your Game page.

Figure 3. Choose the game you want to play.

After selecting the Play the Standard Game, you will move to the Team Creation Page. Here you select your 11 starters and 3 bench Players and form your Team. You do so by clicking on the + sign that is to the left of each Player of your choice in the Available Players Table. The selected Player will move to your My Team Table (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Standard Game Create Your Team Page.

You can click on the header of any column in either table to list the Players in ascending or descending order based on the statistic offered in that column. Clicking on the Player name column allows you to place the available Players in alphabetical order or reverse-alphabetical order. You can also list the available Players by position and country by using the drop down menues above the Available Players Table. You can also search for a Player by typing his name in the Player Search box. Players may be added and dropped (by clicking on the - sign) from your Team as many times as you choose until you have created the Team you want.

You select your Players based on the position they play in their respective national teams. You can select all of your players from one league or from a combination of leagues. The leagues you can choose your players from are: EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. You cannot pick more than 3 Players from any one club. The total combined value of all 14 Players on your team must be at or below your Team Budget of 100M. The Budget Remaining icon automatically tells you how much budget you have left and shows which Player positions remain vacant. You can move the icon by clicking and dragging it to any position you wish on your screen. Please note that your Team must be different from any other Participant's Team. If the game detects that you have created a Team identical to another Participant's team, it will prompt you to replace one or more of your Players to ensure that your Team is unique.

Once you have selected all the Players for your team, you can click the Save and Proceed button and move to the League and Team Selection page (Figure 5). Here, you are asked to give your Team a name and to choose a color for your squad.

Figure 5. League and Team Selection Page.

After naming your Team and selecting a Team color, you will be asked to Confirm your Team. You may edit your Team at any point prior to confirming it. Once you have confirmed your Team, you are ready to play the Standard Game!

Please select the Draft game from the Choose Your Game page (Figure 3). You will be taken to the Choose How You Would Like to Proceed page (Figure 6). Here, you can decide whether you want to create your own Draft Game or join an existing one.

Figure 6. Draft Game Create/Join Page.

If you choose to create your own Draft Game, you will be able to invite up to 15 of your friends to join. You select the number of Teams in your Conference from the tab at the bottom of the Create Draft Conference box. Once you have created your Draft Game, you and your friends will have 7 days to join the Conference and complete the list of your preferred players. Please note that any participants who do not join and complete their lists by the cut-off date will be automatically eliminated from the Conference.

You can join an existing Draft Conference if you have been invited to do so. In this case, you will need to enter the PIN and Password you receive with the invitation.

Whether you create or join a Draft Conference, your next step will be to create your list of preferred Players in order of preference on the Select Players page (Figure 7). This invoves you selecting your favorite Players from any single league or combination of leagues and placing them in the order of preference. Unlike the Standard game, your team does not have a budget. Once you have done so, you will move to the Name Your Team Page (Figure 5).

Figure 7. Draft Game Select Players Page.

After all the Draft Game Participants have joined the Game and created their lists, the Game will randomly yet logically distribute the preferred Players to the Teams created by the Participants, as with a real-world draft. This insures that each Team has its own set of unique Players that are selected based on the list generated by the Participant. You will end up with 14 Players, 11 of which are starters. Unlike the Standard Game, you are not restricted by a budget or number of Players from any club. The only restriction is that all of the players on your team must be your own. They cannot be owned by any other member of your Draft game.

When your Team is created, you are ready to play the Game.

Once you have completed the steps outlined above, you will be ready to play the Game. The Standard and Draft games are played in the same way. You will manage your team from the My Player page. Here, you can substitute bench Players for starters, make Player transfers, add new Teams, create Mini-Leagues, join another Game, view the performance of your Team, etc. You can use either the classic view (Figure 8) or the detailed view (figure 9) to do so. The classic view allows you to manage your team through a visual and easy to use interface. The detailed view allows you to study and manage your players and their performance in greater detail by using a table.

Figure 8. My Team Page - Classic View.

Figure 9. My Team Page - Detailed View.

Your team will earn points when your starting Players play in their real-world league matches and achieve the accomplishments summarized above. For example, if one of your starting Players scores a goal and gives an assist in a match, he will earn your team 20 points for the goal plus 10 points for the assist, or a total of 30 points for the match. Your team points are calculated by adding all the points earned or lost by your starting Players. The more points your Team earns, the better you will do. This is because you will compete against the Teams of the other Participants in the Game who are also trying to earn more points. Therefore, it is important for you to actively manage your Team to increase the number of points your Players earn. You can see the performance of each of your Players by clickin on the Player's name. This will open the Player Profile page for that Player (Figure 10).

Figure 10. Player Profile

In all the Games, your starting 11 Players must include no more than 3 strikers and at least 3 midfielders. A goalkeeper along with 4 defenders is a requirement for every Participant's starting lineup. You must select 3 substitute Players for your bench. These can be from any position. A substitute will earn points for your Team only when placed in your starting lineup. To place a Player in your starting lineup, you must place a starter on your bench. This substitution must occur at least five minutes before the start of first of the matches in which each of these two Players is playing. Also, a Player cannot be substituted within 24 hours of the completion of his match.

The Player transfer tool allows you to drop and add Players whenever you want. It helps you manage your Team by allowing you to remove Players that you feel are underperforming and replacing them with Players that you feel may earn you more points.

When you register, you are given 20 free Player transfers in total. These 20 free transfers are shared by all of your teams. So if you have one Standard team and one Draft team, you will still have only 20 free transfers. You can divide these transfers as you wish amongst your teams. If you are over 18 years old, you may purchase as many additional transfers as you wish. To do so, simply click on the Buy Transfers box in the upper right hand of your My Team screen (Figures 8 and 9). To make a transfer, simply click the - sign next to the Player's name. You will be taken to the Player Transfer page where you will click on the + sign next to the Player you want to add (Figure 11). Remember, you cannot add a Player without dropping a Player from your team first. The added player must play the same position as the one you drop. Transfers take effect as soon as you make them.

When replacing Players in Standard Game, you must make sure that the total value of all of the Players on your Team remains at or below the 100M team budget. As an example, if the total value of the Players on your team is 90M before the Trade Window and you decide to replace 5 Players whose combined value is 30M, your newly added Players must have a combined value at or below 40M. This will ensure that the total value of the Players on your team does not go above the 100M budget. Additionally, you cannot select more than 3 Players from any one club.

When replacing Players on your Draft team, you cannot add any Players that are on any other team in your Draft game. You can add Players of any value and can have more than 3 Players from any one team.

The Player Stats page shown in Figure 11 lists all the Players in the Game with their individual statistics in a table. The table is updated regularly and is an important tool for helping you determine which Players you may wish to add to your team before transferring a Player.

Figure 11. Player List.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Help section. If you would like to contact us, please feel free to email us at or click here.

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